Irossing Third Creek

Beaver Dam Trail*

This trail is a lovely, quiet trail through the woods  Access/egress is easy, it has great views, and can be done in full length or ar in segments.

Type: Out-and-back, or shuttle

Trailhead: Park on the northside of Mt. Rose Highway (NV-431) at Tahoe Meadows at the junction of Incline Lake Rd Hy (now a Forest Service Rd)

Distance: 3.2 mi

Start Elevation (Top): 8530''

Change in Elevation: ​900' (mostly down hill)

Bikes: Yes, but part of the trail is rocky and has several rickety trestle bridges, but not too much of a problem for an experienced rider.


​(1) From the trailhead, go down Incline Lake Road,

(2) After 100 yards, turn left to Beaver Dam Trail

(3) Just past the beaver dams, take left fork up the knob  

(4) Halfway up the steep knob, take left trail up over the knob (you could follow Tamba Trail to right leading to flume trails). 

(5) Follow trail over knob and across FS road to trail on the other side, and down to Old Mt. Rose Hy. 

(6) At Old Mt Rose Hy, you could have parked 50 yards to the left as a trailhead.  Otherwise, turn right and go until you see the next segment of the Flume Trail angling to the left.  This will take you to the lower trailhead/parking lot.

Flowers: A wide variety of fLowers are spread throughout,   Look for: Wallfower, Lupine, Dwarf Lupine, PenstemonPaintbrush, Wooley Mules Ears,  Fireweed, Shining Flebane, Sulphur Buckwheat and more.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Aspen, Lodgepole Pine


​* My name -- not sure it has an official name.  Let me know if you do.

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"Quiet easy trail, mostly downhill"



Field of Lupines