Tahoe Trails

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This is one of the iconic sights on the lake -- a little hard to get to, but worth the trip.  You get to see a bonzai-looking tree on top of a free standing rock out in the water.

Type: Out-and-Back or Loop, sort of

Trailhead: Go southbound on NV28 about 1 mile south of Sand Harbor.  Park on wider shoulder right after the roadway begins to climb

Trail: Very steep and difficult. No maintained trail.  Use any evident path -- I went left then scrambled along the shore boulders back to the right..

Distance: 0.4 mi round trip

Change in Elevation: ​120'

Hints: Just north of Bonzai Rock is another notable rock called Bikini Rock -- has a bikini carved and painted into it.

Trees: Look for the bonzai!!


Bonzai Rock