Tahoe Trails

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Gascade Lake 

This is a fun hike for the whole family, but don't be lulled by the easy initial 1/4 mile walk through the woods, because the rest of the trail is rocky, requiring climbing over small boulders and going up and down rock stairs.  One section of about a quarter mile is on a ledge below a 200' cliff.  When you get about 200 yards from the falls, the trail is not well marked -- you will need to trailblaze across the granite slabs.  Stay as low as possible to get the best view of the falls and Cascade Lake.

Type:  out & back

Trailhead: On CA-89 (Westside Highway) at Emerald Bay, turn into Bayview Campground across from Inspiration Point.  Drive all the way through the campground to trailhead parking..

Distance: 1.4 miles each way

Hints: Don't come here on summer weekend.  Parking anywhere in the vicinity of Emerald Bay is extremely limited, and the trail will be crowded.  Since the trail is very rocky, be sure to wear good hiking shoes.  

Change in Elevation: ​236'

Flowers: (May) Not much -- occasional Snowberry, Squaw/Mahalia Mat, Wallflower, Deer Brush

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir & Incense Cedar.

Bayview Campground 


Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls