Tahoe Trails

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Cave Rock

Lincoln Highway (US50) on the east side of Lake Tahoe has a dual tunnel running through it.  This prominent rock soars 250' above the lake and used to be a favorite for rock climbers before the Forest Service prohibited climbing, due to safety, possible danger to the road below and sacred history for the Washoe Indians.

Type: Out-and-Back

Trailhead: Fortunately, you do no need to walk from the bottom to the top. Turn off US50 onto Cave Rock Road just on the south side of the rock. Park at the 2nd switchback up the road.

Trail: Short easy, slightly uphill trail to the rock,  The rock itself you must scramble 100 yards up a boulder trail.

Distance: 0.4 mi

Change in Elevation: ​164'

Hints: (1) Don't try to take small children up the rock itself.  (2) Try going at dusk to experience an amazing sunset to the west. (3) Don't go at peak tourist times -- parking at the trailhead is limited.

Flowers: Curly Leaf Cercocarpus, Paintbrush

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, but mostly bushes including Cercocarpus 


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