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"Nice ridge hike"


Duane Bliss Peak Loop

Difficulty is only this high due to the initial steepness of the trail, not the ruggedness.

Nice hike from Spooner Summit up to the east ridge below Duane Bliss Peak. The hike uses a section of the Rim Tail south of US50, and a Forest Service Road.

Type: Loop or Out-And-Back

Trailhead: Park at (1) in the parking area on the south side of Lincoln Highway (US50) at the Spooner Summit; or (2) at pull-off at Forest Service Road 1/2 east of the Spooner parking area - use this only if you are doing the loop, or (3) on Genoa Peak Rd (FS 14N32) at the top of the ridge where the Rim Trail crosses. 

Trail: Marked a medium difficulty only because the initial half of the hike is a fairly steep climb for about 1-1/2 miles until you get to the top of the ridge, no matter which direction you go on the loop.

Distance: 4.9 mi as a loop; 4.2 mi out-and-back on just Rim Trail portion

Top Elevation: 7787'

Change in Elevation: ​  800'

Bikes: Yes

Hints: If you do an out-and-back, just use the Rim Trail portion.  Be sure to visit the interpretive trail at the Spooner Summit parking area.  There is also a bathroom here.  If you are doing the loop, recommend doing it clockwise -- helps avoid an upclimb at the end.  Beautiful photo opportunities once you get to the top of the ridge.  Be sure you go to the overlook of the Carson Valley at the intersection of Genoa Road and the Rim Trail.

Flowers: PenstemonArrowleaf Balsam Root

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White and Red Fir, Aspen 

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