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Galena Falls


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Jennifer Falls is beautiful 30' cascade from the meadows below Relay Peak with heavy flow in the spring.  It is a relatively easy hike terrain-wise, although at 5 miles round trip, it is of modest difficulty.  Gorgeous views of Mt. Rose, Relay Peak, Tahoe Meadows and Lake Tahoe itself.

Type: Out-and-Back or Shuttle

Trailhead: Take Mt. Rose Highway (NV 431) to the summit of the pass.  Park in the parking lot there.  There is a restroom located there.

Trail:  Go to the left side of the restroom, and take the rock stairway up the hill.  Mountain bikes are prohibited, since it enters the Mt. Rose Wilderness area.

Distance: 2.5 miles to falls; 5.3 miles back if the alternate route through Third Creek Valley is used.

Change in Elevation: ​217' climb before dropping down to the falls; another 146' climb if the alternate return route is used. 

Return:At the falls, you have a choice of returns.  You can return the way you came, or continue 0.5 mi up the ridge to Relay Peak Meadows.  It is steep with switchbacks on the trail, but is short and the scenery is worth it. This trail connects to FS Relay Peak Rd, which will lead you back to the parking area, or you can take the Third Creek Trail. If you do the latter, after one mile going down Relay Peak Rd look for single track trail leading over the embankment.  Hard to see, so keep a close look out for it -- really nice trail through the woods, but you will need to shuttle it because you end up down at the Meadows.

Trees: Lodgepole Pine, Mountain Hemlock

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