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Glen Alpine Falls


This falls is a beautiful series of cascades.  It is about 50' high and probably the largest falls in Tahoe in terms of volume.  It is also the easiest to get to, being roadside, although the road is very narrow.

Type: Hiking possible but not necessary -- park your vehiclebeside falls.

Trailhead: From South Lake Tahoe, take CA89 north past Camp Richardson, and turn left on Fallen Leaf Lake Rd. Be careful ad go slow -- the last half of Fallen Leaf Rd is paved, but only one lane wide.  After 5 mi at end of lake, turn left beside Firehouse onto Glen Alpine Rd.  Go 0.2 mi, and when you see falls, find a place to park.  Or head on up another 0.3 mi and park at scenic Lily Lake.

Distance: 0 mi -- you can park at the falls, or above or below falls on access road and hike a little ways.

Hints: Climb down on the rocks at the falls.  Falls are most spectacular during spring run-off May and June.

Change in Elevation: ​30'

Flowers: Penstemon (June)

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White and Red Fir.

Glen Alpine Falls 6/28/17

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