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Small Section of Hawley Grade Falls

Hawley Grade Falls Trail


View of Myers & Lake Tahoe

Except for the first 200 yds., a nice easy hike of moderate length through the woods to the fall, which is actually a series of cascades down huge rocks.

Type: Out-and-Back or Shuttle

Trailhead: (N38°48'756" W120°01'751")  Turn off US-50 on Echo Summit south of Lake Tahoe, turn on the Forest Service Echo Summit residential Road.  Immediately look for "Hawley Gr" wooden post.  Park along side the road.  As an alternative, you can shuttle by parking a second car down in Myers below the trail.

Trail: The trail up is steep, but short.  An alternative is to walk up NV-28 to the Forest Service road, which has a gentle, but longer upgrade.

Distance: 1.3 miles one way to the falls; 2 miles to Myers exit

Change in Elevation: ​561' to falls; 836' to Myers

Max Elevation: 7382'

Mountain Bikers: First 200 yards very steep with stone stairs, bu the rest is an easy downgrade except for a few rocky places and where trail is washed out. You will nee to carry your bike across the falls.

Hints: To get to Myers, the trail crosses the falls -- it is rocky and deep, so you will need to take your shoes off, and roll up your pants legs to cross

Trees: White Fir (upper), Jeffery pine & incense cedar (mid & lower) 

Flowers: In the woods, so not much, but scattered wallflowers, paintbrush, currants, deerbrush

"An easy family hike"