Tahoe Trails

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This is really two trails that can be hiked separately or combined into a single trail.  It is an easy walk along the lower reaches of Third Creek through a shaded Jeffrey pine forest.

Type: Loops


  • Disc Golf - park in rec center parking lot or on shoulder of Incline Way
  • Fitness or Combined - park in Aspen Grove parking lot, then cross bridge over Third Creek.  If you are combing the two trails, when you get to the top of the Fitness trail, cross over Incline Way to the Disc Golf Trail. 

Trail: Easy trail for the family.  Although it is a dirt path, it is stroller friendly except for a couple of double board crossings over the creek.

Distance:  ​Disc Golf - 1.3 mi (can be shortened); Fitness - 0.7mi; combined - 2.0 mi 

Change in Elevation: ​  Disc golf - 78'; Fitness - 26' ; Combined - 115'

Hints: ​ Go counterclockwise.  On the Fitness Trail, stop and enjoy the exercise stations. And at he end, take a few minutes and walk across the street to Speed and Incline Beaches (NOTE: Access is restricted at these beaches during the summer season).  On the Disc Golf Trail, in the upper area (holes 4-9), the actual trail may be hard to follow -- just follow the various paths to the northwest corner along NV28.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the disc golfers. 

Flowers: Currant

Trees: Jeffrey Pine 

Incline Fitness & Disc Golf Trails


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Hike through a forest of widespread Jeffrey Pines.

Incline Fitness Trail

Incline Disc Golf Trail