Incline Flume

Wood & stone remnants of the Flume

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"The Best Trail In Tahoe"


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This is a very historic trail, with great views of the lake, but until recently known only to locals since it is not on any map.  But it has recently been accepted into the Forest Service System and major upgrades are expected.  In the 19th Century, it was a logging flume, hence its name.  In some locations you will see remnants of the flume.

Type: Through hike (full trail) or out-and-back (short hike)

Trailhead: Two trailheads: One on Mt. Rose Highway (NV431) 200 yds north of overlook (Recommended). Trail on the right (North Flume on left side of highway).  Park on either side of highway.  Other trailhead via Tunnel Creek Road, but this is a 2 mi uphill walk.  

Trail: Easy single track trail with little change of elevation.  Beautiful views  of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains.

Distance: 8 mi to end; 2.4 mi as out & back loop

Base Elevation: 7300'

Change in Elevation: ​  600' -- Average grade of the flume is about 1%.

Bikes: Excellent single track mostly level; 7 creek crossings; narrow trail cut into steep slopes in places. Not technically demanding, but fun.

Hints: Park on Mt. Rose Highway (NV431). Use the Flume to access Lower Tyrolean, Tunnel Creek, Rim Trails

Flowers: Manzanita, Tobacco Bush, fields of Wooly Mules Ears, Velvety Stickseed

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White & Red Fir, Willow in creek areas