Tahoe Trails

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Picnic Rock is actually a series of flat-topped rocky crag on the ridge off Brockway Summit overlooking King's Beach and Lake Tahoe.

Type: Out-and-Back, or Shuttle

Trailhead: The most hikers park on (a) Brockway Rd (CA267), and cross to the north side of the road to follow the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) up the mountain.  An alternative access (b) is to go over Brockway Summit towards Truckee and turn right at the first road -- Martis Peak Rd, a paved timber road. Drive 1.2 miles up the mountain until there is a sharp bend to the left.  Turn off here to the right onto FS 16N55, go 0.1 mile, where the TRT crosses the road.  Keep a sharp eye out for it -- it's easy to miss.  Park in pull-off on roadside.  Go right down the trail.

Trail: Most of the hike is along the Rim Trail (TRT), and is fairly easy.  The trail is smooth except when you get close to Picnic Rock. When on the trail to the rock, look for a sign "Spur Trail View" for the trail up to to Picnic Rock.

Distance: 2.0 mi roundtrip

Change in Elevation: ​300' for (a); 160' for (b)

Bikes: No, not allowed on this section of the TRT.

Hints: Take the upper route (b) -- shorter and less steep, plus do not have to compete for parking on Brockway Rd (CA267)

Flowers: Penstemmon, Lupine. Aster, Currant, Manzanita

Trees: White and Red Fir, Lodgepole Pine

"Great place for a picnic & a view of the lake"


Picnic Rock