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Through on of the many fields of Wooly Mules Ears.

Rock Pile Trail*

also known as Tyrolean Ridge Trail

* My name -- if you know its real name, let me know..

"Huge fields of Wooly Mules Ears"

This is a nice hike or bike off Mt. Rose Highway (NV 431).  On it, you will see eight piles of rocks, some quite large.  The traverses huge meadows of Wooly Mules Ears, as well as quiet forests.

Type: Shuttle recommended

Trailhead: Park along NV 431 where Old Mt. Rose Highway crosses 431.  Park the downhill shuttle where the Incline Flume crosses 431 just north of the overlook.

Trail: Hike up Old Mt. Rose Hy east of 431 for 0.13 mi.  Look for single track trial on right ① leading up the hill.  Follow this trail up the hill 0.15 mi to the   ② Power Line Trail.  Bear left on it, then make a short right.  Trail is steep for about 100 yards, but then levels out.  Follow this trail past the rock piles to the end at the Incline Flume and the shuttle parking area. The ③ first rock pile, and the most scenic is at 0.75 into the hike.  Great views of the lake.  Take some pictures here.  As you travel on down the trail, see how many piles you can count.

Distance: 1.8 miles

Change in Elevation: ​268'

Hints: Bikers should access the trail from the Upper Tyrolean and the Power Line Trail to avoid a big uphill climb.

Trees: Lodgepole pine, red fir, white fir

Flowers: Wooly Mules Ears

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Climbing the first rock pile