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Shirley Canyon Falls off Granite Chief Trail  5/29/18 

Shirley Canyon  Trail

This is actually two sets of cascades and falls in Shirley Canyon north of Squaw Village. Squaw Creek splits about 0.5 mile from Squaw resort Village, and flows on either side of a moraine before joining back together near the village.  The larger falls is about 20' high and off the Granite Peak Trail. The other branch flows alongside Shirley Canyon Trail.  Both are short lovely hikes through the woods, suitable for the whole family..

Type: out & back, unless you take the Squaw tram to High Camp and walk down.


(1) For the Granite Chief Trail (north side of Squaw Creek), drive around the Squaw Valley Inn to backside to the maintenance area.  Plenty of parking.

(2) For the Shirley Canyon Trail, follow Squaw Peak Rd on the southside of the creek, to the end where it intersects with Squaw Peak Way. You have to go through a condo area.

Distance: 0 3 mi to the falls from either trail

Hints: Take the Granite Chief Trail on the north side of Squaw Creek.    It is the easier hike with better views. Stay on the side trails closest to the creek.  Or do both! The trail is rocky with large granite pebbles, so wear good hiking shoes.  Go in May or June when water levels are highest.

Change in Elevation: ​167'

Flowers: (May) Squaw/Mahala Mat, Phlox, Arrow Leaf Balsam Root, Wallflower, Currant

Trees: Jeffrey Pine and White Fir.

Granite Chief Trail


Shirley Canyon Cascades off Shirley Canyon Trail  5/29/18 

Shirley Canyon Falls

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