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Shirley Lake Trail

Squaw High Camp to Shirley Lake to Squaw Village

"A beautiful, but tough hike!"

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This is long, beautiful, but very tough hike between Squaw's High Camp and Shirley Lake and Squaw Village.  Requires extensive bouldering and climbing steep rock plate and rock stairs left over from glaciation.

Type: out & back


(1) Take Squaw Tram to High Camp, then walk down

(2) Go to end of Squaw Creek Road outside of Squaw Village, and walk up

Distance: 5.0 miles one way; 3.2 mi up from Squaw Village to Shirley Lake; 1.8  mi down from High Camp to Shirley Lake

Hints: Unless you like walking up 2100' vertical, take the tram up. From the lake down to the cascades, the trail is very rough -- there are extensive stone stairs, as well as fairly steep sheer rock sheets.in the section, be sure to follow the blue marks, because it is easy to get disoriented where there is no packed trail.   Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and take water.  Also take a swimsuit -- Shirley Lake is very swimmable.

Change in Elevation: ​2100'

Top Elevation: 8320'

Flowers (mostly above lake): Wooley Mules Ears, Paintbrush, Lupine,Penstemmon, Mountain Spirea, Mountain Strawberry 

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir Lodgepole Pine, Western White Pine