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This is an extremely impressive rock rising above the Spooner area, but is climbable in all directions only by experienced climbers.  Lots of anchors and cut handholds in the rock.

Type: Out-and-Back/Loop

Trailhead: (N39°06'057" W119°54'695")  On NV-28, just before Lincoln Highway (US-50), park in an old road area that is used as a parking lot for sledding in the winter, and for boat inspections in the summer.  Several rough trails lead up the hill to the crag.

Trail: The trail up is steep, but short.  An alternative is to walk up NV-28 to the Forest Service road, which has a gentle, but longer upgrade.

Distance: 0.76 miles as a loop; 0.2 mile rough trail up the mountain

Change in Elevation: ​104'

Max Elevation: 7122'

Hints: Once you get to the crag, circle it clockwise for most impressive effect. Check out the cave, about 20' deep on the lower side.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir

Flowers: Wooly Mules Ears, Arrow Leaf Balsam Root

Link: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/spooner-crag/106720765


Spooner Crag

"A really inimidating rock"

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