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This trail follows an abandoned logging road diagonally down the mountain into King Beach on a non-maintained but clearly visible path.  Steep but fun, with great views.

Type: ​Shuttle

Trailhead: Access from the Stateline Fire Lookout Interpretive Trail (recommended) from the Lookout Road, or Park Lane cul-de-sac in Kings Beach (not recommended) to walk up.

Trail: This trail is steep, rocky and slippery, so watch your step.  At 0.5 mile, trail crosses -- stay straight ahead.

Distance: 0.6 Miles one-way

Change in Elevation: ​  690'

Hints: Recommend going up the Lookout Road, then back down this trail due to its steepness. Don't be tempted to take side goat trails - most are dead ends.  Before you get to Park Lane, if your shuttle is not parked there and you want to get down into Kings Beach you might want to turn right onto a side trail, because there is no exit from Park Lane to Kings Beach.

Bikers: If you are an expert, you probably can do it, but be careful.  Would suggest walking it first

Trees: Jeffery Pine, White Fir and  Sugar Pine 0.5 mi  on left of trail


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"Difficult, but great views"

Stateline Fire Lookout - Kings Beach Connector*