"Once you're at the top, learn about Tahoe"



Stateline Fire Tower Interpretive Trail

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Once you climb up to the Fire Lookout, the Forest Service has provided an excellent trail describing the history of Tahoe.  Short, easy walk with great views, picnic tables and benches.  Bathroom is available nearby.

Type: ​Loop, 

Trailhead: You must hike up the Stateline Fire Lookout Road to get to it.

Trail: Paved loop along the edge of cliffs.  Good explanation of the history of Tahoe.  If you are lucky, you'll see paragliders jumping of the cliffs and gliding toward Kings Beach. 

Distance: 0.5 Mi

Change in Elevation: ​  90'

Hints: When you get to the loop, walk it clockwise

Trees: Jeffery Pine & White Fir 

Bushes: ​ Manzanita, Antelope Bush, Rubber Rabiit Brush

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