Tahoe Trails

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This is a nice hike through a variety of environments, with pine woods, meadow, creek bottom and scrabble, each with its own flowers. Uses parts of four different trails, including Old Mt. Rose Hy, Incline Downhill Trail and the Relay Peak Trail.

Type: Loop

Trailhead: Park on the northside of Mt. Rose Highway (NV-431) at Tahoe Meadows at the junction of Incline Lake Rd (now a Forest Service Rd)

Distance: 2.0 mi

Base Elevation: 8307'

Change in Elevation: ​413'

Bikes: Yes, but part of the trail is rocky, turn right up the hill.  and requires ab uphill peddle

Hints: Travel clockwise on the trail.  Start out on Old Mt. Rose Hy; when you ge to big curve , take 2nd single track trail to right (marked with small rock wall), follow Incline Downhill Trail, about 100 yds before the creek (you can hear it).  Recommend aking a side trip here by walking on though to Third Creek -- interesting trestle bridge across roaring creek. Back on the loop, make a rigorous climb up to the Relay Peak Trail, and follow it  back to the parking lot.

Flowers: A wide variety of fLowers are spread throughout,   Look for: Wallfower, Lupine, Penstemon, Phlox, Pussy PawsPaintbrush, Arrowleaf Balsam Root, Phlox, Velvety Stickseed, Buckwheat.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Aspen 

Third Creek Loop

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"Great Flowers"