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These loops are good hikes for the family. 

Type: Three loops

Trailhead: Park alongside Mt. Rose Highway in valley west of summit. For the loops take the trail on the west side of the loop at the edge of the woods 

Trail: Relatively easy hiking.  Part of the trail for the middle and lower loops is rocky, but t easily traversed. This west side of the loop goes through the woods of Chickadee Ridge -- look out for these bird   Tahoe Meadows is a good example of an alpine meadow regime.

Bikes: Only allowed on the west side of the loops (not in the meadows), where it co-uses the Rim and Ophir Trails.

Distance: Upper Loop - 0.4 mi

                Middle Loop - 2.3 mi

                Lower Loop - 3.0 Mi

Change in Elevation: ​  250' from Mt. Rose Highway to Lower Meadows

Hints: Different hikes offered depending on how long you wish to hike.  Unless you want to just walk out and back on the boardwalk in the center of the meadow, it's easier to do the loops counterclockwise. 

Flowers, Woods: Dwarf Alpine Daisy/Flebane, Dwarf Lupine, Wallflower

Flowers, Meadows:  Penstemon, Elephant's Head, Buttercup, California Corn Lily, Willow, Paintbrush

Trees: Lodgepole and Whitebark Pine, Mountain Hemlock 

Bushes: ​Willow


Great Family Hike

West Tahoe Meadows Loops

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