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Secret Beach


Whale, Bliss & Secret Beaches 

Whale Rock

This trail leads to three great natural beaches in quiet coves on Forest Service property -- Whale Beach, where you will see the famous Whale rock; Bliss Beach, the outlet for Bliss Creek; and Secret Beach, known for clothing optional. 

Type: Out-and-Back, with loop option (see map)

Trailhead: On NV28 south of Sand Harbor and Thunderbird Lodge.  Dedicated but limited parking, so get there early or expect to park out on the highway 

Trails: You have two options, or you can do both as a loop:

   (1) Follow the Forest Service RD (FS1566) to Whale Beach, with short downhill spurs to Secret Beach and Bliss Beach.  Suitable for bikes and strollers.

    (2) Take the single track spur signed "Secret Cove" and follow it past Bliss Beach until it rejoins the FS road.  Note that the section between Secret and Bliss requires some bouldering, so those who may be timid with rock climbing should stay on the FS road.  Not suitable for bikes or strollers.

Distance: 2.75 mi roundtrip

Change in Elevation: ​200'

Hints: These beaches are clothing optional, especially Secret Beach, so be cautious on taking youths and those who might be offended.  Due to the high lake level now, actual sand area is limited.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, Incense Cedar, White Fir