Tahoe Trails

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A rustic hike on Forest Service trail through cool woods.

Type: Loop.  Also makes a good shuttle from the Garen or Douglas Trails off Dorcey Dr

Trailhead: Park at the intersection of Jennifer Dr and Barbara Dr in Incline Village

Trail: West side of loop up the valley is wide and a gentle pitch.  At the top of the trail, cross over the foot bridge to the west side.  It is a single track between the boulders. Interpretive signage on the way..

Distance: 1.4 mi

Change in Elevation: ​  400'

Bikes: Bike are using it, but some pretty good uphill peddling is required.

Hints: Take the printed guide from the rack at the beginning of the loop.  Go clockwise on the loop -- the grade up to start back downhill is gentler.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Willow, Alder 

Flowers:Manzanita, Tobacco Brush, Squaw/Mahala Mat. Penstemmon, Monkeyflower, Paintbrush, Mountain Pride

Crossing Wood Creek during high spring run-off.

Wood Creek Loop

"A nice quiet woods"


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