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Walking Down Rock Pile Trail (Tyrolean Ridge), one of the best places to view Wooley Mules Ears.


Generally found in open areas with plenty of sun and sandy soil.  Common to see it in hugh multi-acre fields, but may occur as a single specimen.  Grows 2'-3' tall with 3"-4" bright yellow blooms.

Distinctive Features: Bright yellow blooms, large furry light green ovate leaves that, of course, look like a mule's ear.

Similar Plants: Looks like the Arrow Leaf Balsam Root, with similar flowers, except the Arrow Leaf is shaped like an arrow, instead of ovate.

Flower Sighting


AprMayJun JulAugAep
Rock Pile Trail (Best)

Third Creek Trail

Third Creek Loop

Shirley Lake Trail

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Wooley Mules Ear

Wyetheria mollis

Aster Family