Tahoe Trails

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Well-maintained single track trails to the valley under Rose Peak/Knob.  All downhill.

Type: Out and back, connect from Garen to Douglas to make a loop, or connect to the Wood Creek Trail to shuttle back

Trailheads: Park on Dorcey Dr at the intersection with either Garen or Douglas.

Trail: Both Garen and Douglas are easy trails downhill to the top end/turn-around of the Wood Creek Trail 

Distance:  Garen -- 2.0 Miles to Wood Creek Trail

           Douglas -- 1.1 Mile to Wood Creek Trail

Change in Elevation: ​  500'

Bikes: Good for intermediate and better mountain bike riders -- all downhill.  Single track with banked hairpin turns. 

Hints: Start out on Garen, then come back up Douglas, or head down Wood Creek Trail.

Trees: Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Willow, Alder 

Flowers:Manzanita, Tobacco Brush, Penstemmon

Garen-Douglas Trails

Douglas Trail


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